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Open Letter asking for political asylumhttps://www.elrincondecasandra.es/siempre-hoy/diario-de-la-pandemia-madrid-2020/

to (almost) any country in the world,

From a country, Spain, where citizens’ life and freedom are at risk, in great danger and extreme uncertainty. This is so no just by epidemics tragedy all over the world, but mainly because in this country right now its Government itself is a real deadly plague. Danger concerns anyone and specially aged people. Spain has had, so far, more than twenty thousand (and that could be up to thirty or even more) deaths, 0,43 % of population affected, which means to be in the very top of the world, the highest rate of health workers with virus because no protection provided by the State, and the whole of citizens living in confinement at home more time and in more harsh way than any other in Europe. Big demonstrations where allowed on 8th March, when the coronavirus was already in full swing, because the main official concern is propaganda. Prospects about when and how to have back the normal, free and democratic existence are none. Forty days in home-jail, in Alarm Status that lets no room for protests and keeps people in fear, silence and helpless under the worst Government they ever have had. They are dying every single day by hundreds. Seniors by thousands, lonely and abandoned in nursing houses or at home. Many, being aged, couldn’t get proper care in hospitals because there is triage and, having no means to deal with all, they are supposed to choose the younger ones.

May those Spaniards, at risk of their life and being denied any freedom, apply for political asylum if they prove not to be affected by the virus? They do need to flee from Spain, which has become a very dangerous place, and they are in desperate need of acceptation in U. K., in New Zealand, in Germany, in any country who refuses the selective elimination, which could have happened in Spain. They do need awfully to get in a nation which has respect for every human being’s life and rights, equally, with no regard of their birthdate. An enormous number of people have passed away in nursing homes, in appealing conditions, or all alone at home. Everyone fears to be chosen after their supposed life expectancy, deciding then if the person is worthy of help to breath or just good to die.

The extend of this catastrophe has nothing of casual. It comes straight from the Government’s improvidence, lousy management, fanaticism and incompetence, and from their thirst of propaganda and of remaining in power at any price. By the by, many senior people were possibly not going to vote them. The Alarm Status means endless situation of no rights, no freedom, maybe in the future, if allowed to step out, social selective discrimination with tags and shades (which colour for stars in the clothes?). It is so easy to push public opinion, neighbours, against aged people pointing at them as plague bearers. Government loving totalitarian systems, as they have already showed enough, needs scapegoats, whistle-blowers, public guilty.

We need help, human and honest Government, any place. We need to flee the selective triage and the lost of all dignity, respect, rights and freedom, besides life itself. When and how to apply for asylum?